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Travis Scott

Circus Maximus Tour 2023

In late 2023, Travis Scott embarked upon a North American arena tour with a scenic heavy stage design. Featuring over 275 linear feet of custom hand carved boulders, flying dystopian heads, and numerous unique features to integrate a functional touring stage.
  • Full coverage cladding of 1.5lb EPS foam with textured black flex coating. Scenic paint finish with
  • 13 Unique CNC carved heads; ranging in size from 6’W to 14’W. Integrated steel armature for repeated assembly along with the ability to be rigged and flown via automation. Internal mounting points for crowd scanning lasers and lighting fixtures
  • 85 Steel frame touring carts to transport the assets via (8) 53′ trucks
  • Full coordination and technical procurement during pre-production between foam carving artists, carpentry team, artist production, and creative designers