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santiago Album Pre-Release Tour Builds

Leading up to the release of his highly anticipated new album Santiago, rap artist Russ and his collaborators at Burn & Broad and FKB sought to create a touring album pre-release / listening party, where they would also debut the artist’s new original short film. The inaugural event took place in Pismo, within an epic desert-inspired environment that gave guests the illusion that they were in the middle of nowhere. Build elements included:

  • 16 ft sculptural version of Russ’ head that was built in multiple parts so it could fit into tight pathways
  • Giant recreation of Russ’s hand accompanying the head, installed in such a way that it looks like it’s extending out from under sand
  • 16 ft tall custom-built pyramid that was 26 ft at the base, featuring a top that lit up and changed colors at night – and it looked like it was floating through strategic placement of mirrors
  • Moroccan-style furniture pieces across the event space
  • To eliminate machine marks in the sand, all build elements were hand carried into the event space
  • All builds were engineered with stamps of approval for wind rating
  • All builds were uniquely modular so they could be transported to 3 separate events / locations