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san Diego Comic-Con 2023

Hulu and their experiential partners at 3CS sought to create an SDCC footprint that would transport guests into another dimension (an animated one), immersing them into the worlds of several high priority 2D animated titles. Each property was brought to life through custom builds / environments that authentically represented the respective show (and its animation style), including:

  • ‘HULU ANIMAYHEM’ ENTRY STRUCTURE – Custom 3D structure transporting guests into a 2D dimension
  • GIANT TV + ANIMATED COUCHES – Custom designed 2D couches inspired by several animated shows, positioned across from a gigantic TV screen set within a custom built TV frame / structure
  • ‘FUTURAMA HQ’ – Recreation of the show’s key location, set inside a 60ft inflatable with 40 ft walls, featuring several custom built 2D scenic elements + photo ops including a floating Slurm can and clear acrylic transportation tubes that guests pose inside of…
  • ‘BOB’S BURGERS’ POP-UP – 2D counter with restaurant props that all look animated, serving up real burgers
  • ‘AMERICAN DAD’S ROGER HALLWAY’ – 2D aliens populating a mirrored hallway featuring 10ft high glass mirrors
  • ‘SOLAR OPPOSITES’ room – Custom built “shrink ray” shrinks guests, and they enter a room filled with oversized 3D objects (all foam, hard coated, scenic painted elements)